ASA Return to Play Covid Guidelines

return to play covid protocols

This program is simple: It is about kids & values

Priority on player development and technique

Affordable rates resulting from low overhead

Sundays reserved for families

The Meaning Behind NOS Santos

The NOS simply stands for Never on Sunday. Santos is the Portuguese & Spanish word for Saint and is the name of a premier soccer club in Brazil. Santos is considered to be the most popular or favorite Portuguese soccer name by many sources. Santos was used in Arizona a few years ago by a soccer legend, Luis Dabo. Moving forward this will be our name. We hope your children will enjoy the spirit of this great name as we are committed to elevating your child’s soccer training and team-member experience.

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Focused on Soccer Development

We want your soccer player to develop the foundational skills that will not only sharpen their ball handling and coordination but give them a head start on achieving their long term soccer goals. We accomplish this through the following:

  • Focus on proper soccer development over winning

  • Curriculum based on a powerful European training model

  • Quality coaching from qualified instructors

  • Emphasis on sportsmanship among parents and players


About Us:

As soccer has grown in Arizona over the years, so has competitive club soccer. Unfortunately for many families and people of faith this has meant extensive Sunday play. Five years ago, a small group of people got together to discuss starting a soccer program where kids who valued the Sabbath Day would not play or feel compelled to play soccer on Sundays. This Christian goal was the basis for the league. It was based on a belief that you could keep the Sabbath Day holy and still develop into a quality soccer player. It also stemmed from a deep belief that Sunday should be reserved for families. Countless club options exist with Sunday play. Therefore, there will never be a need for us to offer an additional Sunday play program.  There will likely always be a demand for Sunday play and we support the right of each individual to select the option that meets their needs.

The best private soccer complex in the East Valley

Since this is a private facility, our fields will be available and in top shape when the COVID-19 restrictions end. It is anticipated that many East Valley fields owned by municipalities may face restricted use in the coming months.

Unlike other valley soccer clubs, our competitive league trains and plays home matches exclusively at our private soccer complex and is therefore not subject to city field restrictions and closures. This is the premier soccer facility in the East Valley.

(For youth born 2006-2015; 6 year olds-15 year olds: U7-U16)

Academy players (U7–U10): $395 + $49 registration fee.  Upper level players (U11–U16): $595 + $49 registration fee. We are sensitive to the current economic situation of families and our fees reflect this sensitivity. Yes, these fee’s are for the entire club season.