Democratize Soccer

We believe high-level soccer development can take place with fees much lower than the typical pay-for-play model. 

NOS Santos Fees:

  • Academy players (U-8 through U-10) – $395 + $49 registration fee
  • Upper-level players (U-11 through U-15) – $595 + $79 registration fee

These fees are for the entire year. We can offer great player development at a modest investment for the following reasons:

  • Field rental for $1 per year
  • Volunteer League Leadership
  • No paid Board Members
  • Flat coaching organization – one Director of Coaching who is also a Coach
  • Our experienced coaches feel an obligation to make the game available to the broader community and coach primarily for the intrinsic rewards
  • Revenue from other entities who have requested access to a portion of the complex in a way that does not interfere with our training and matches

This lean model is sustainable. It will not require us to become a large league and will not require us to merge with other clubs. This model will allow us to keep fees low going forward.

–Rob Morris, League President