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This year, 2023-2024, is our second year of the two-year uniform kit cycle. As with all soccer clubs and brands, kits only last two years and our styles will expire at the end of this season.

NOS Santos has partnered with to provide our Nike brand uniforms. This email contains important uniform information.

When and how do we order our uniforms?

Uniform ordering will start the first week of June. Once the online ordering store is open, you will receive a personalized email link from to purchase your player’s uniforms with their designated jersey number.

What items do I need to order?

Every player needs to order a new home jersey (white), away jersey (navy), and at least two training jerseys (yellow). Training jerseys are required for all practices. All players must order at least two pairs of navy shorts. We use the same shorts for our home, away, and training uniform. Each player should have at least two pairs of navy socks and one pair of white socks. It is required that every player has a navy Santos backpack. Finally, every player needs a navy Nike Santos sweatshirt that comes with their jersey number on the sleeve. (The generic Santos sweatshirts from a couple years ago will no longer be used). 

Required Items:

1 white home jersey

1 navy away jersey

2+ yellow training jersey

2+ navy shorts

2+ navy socks

1+ white socks

1 navy backpack

1 navy Nike sweatshirt with jersey number on sleeve

Are there optional items?

There are optional navy pants for cooler weather. Parents also have the option of ordering a variety of spirit gear for themselves. 

How do I know my child’s size for ordering?

Use the online size guide from when you are ordering. 

What do I need to order if I have a returning Santos player?

Returning players only need to order items they want to replace or replenish. They still must have all of the items on the required list above.

We strongly recommend replacing training gear and socks regularly.

Returning players do not need to get a new backpack if they ordered a backpack after May 2021. Backpacks purchased prior to May 2021 need to be replaced with this year’s version.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We have several strategies in place with to increase the promptness of the Santos orders. The earlier in the summer you order, the quicker you will receive your order. Right now we are hoping for 2-3 weeks from ordering to delivery. Their busiest time will be mid to late summer and turn around times will increase.

How long will these uniforms be used?

These uniforms will last for 1 more year. 

Are there new keeper uniforms?

The keeper uniforms are the same as last year. All Santos keepers must have official Santos keeper gear.

How do I get my player’s name and jersey number on their backpack? does not offer personalization on the backpacks. However, we feel personalization is important to avoid misplaced items and confusion. Backpack personalization will be done locally. To ensure the team looks the same, managers will coordinate the personalization when we come back after summer break.. 

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