Meet Program COO Jeff Erickson

A Lifetime of Serving Youth

I have been a dentist for 27 years. I work with children and own and run dental clinics with an emphasis on children and sedation dentistry. My biggest personal interest is family. I have a wonderful wife and seven children, six boys and my youngest is a girl. We all spend lots of time together. We love to ski and snowboard, and we love to boat. We also love to go motorcycle and razor riding, and we love the occasional camping trip. 

Each of my children has a sport or two that they love. Some are tennis players, some have been football players, but most have been soccer players. Two of my biggest interests are writing and speaking. I have written over 25 short books, and continue to write and publish each year. Most of these are religious themed, although I am currently working on a parenting book. Writing for me is a labor of love. 


An Honorary Career in Soccer

All of my seven children have played soccer. As my children played in recreational leagues for many years, in time they wanted to play at a little higher level. We entered “club soccer” with a little fear and trepidation. We understood that many leagues and teams had Sunday games. 

Over the years as club soccer in Arizona continued to grow, there were more and more league games on Sundays in the higher levels and leagues. My son McKay was a very good player who could no longer play on the top team, because in some instances more than half his games were played on Sundays. It was during this time that I decided it was time to start a non-Sunday competitive soccer league. I organized a few key friends and we began discussions to start a non-Sunday soccer club. It was just an idea, but the idea energized us and within 7-8 months we had made it happen. 


Supporting Family Time with Non-Sunday Soccer 

Now here we are with one of the best and most affordable soccer league programs in the state. With our fee’s of $395 for academy players which means under 10 years of age, and $595 for players ages 10-15, we have created something extraordinary. We have the highest quality soccer complex in the East Valley, and a creative non-Sunday program, with an absolutely amazing curriculum that is definitely “development over winning.”  We have exceptional coaches. We want to be small and powerful. We have no desire to be one of the biggest leagues in town, but we do want to be one of the best. 


Built a Premier Sports Complex for Soccer Dreams

My wife and I committed millions of dollars to Santos Soccer Complex. We believed by doing this we could create a long-term legacy for the city and community and allow the league to make it and survive. We are proud to represent the non-Sunday community and a growing soccer community.

I will continue to manage the soccer complex through a foundation with the goal of creating a legacy that is long-lasting in the community. We want non-Sunday soccer to be a powerful choice for years to come for kids and families in the East Valley. 


We’re Doing it For the Kids

I am so impressed with the quality of people who have come forward to support NOS Santos. They are sacrificing time and finances, to make this new league happen.  They are willing to work for less, because they are focused on “doing it for the kids.” This is powerful. This is one of the facets that will make our league successful. People are doing it for the cause. A perfect example is our league president, Rob Morris. Rob will be paid $1.00 for his role in running the league. This is a one year commitment that can extend to $2.00. Rob is amazing and is sacrificing for the cause and for the kids.


Focused on our Goals

Our goals for NOS Santos include having quality relationships with other clubs with a high quality program, and high quality development. We will  be a powerful force for good in the East Valley with soccer never played on Sunday.