Strikers NSS Renamed NOS Santos SC!

Welcome to all of our new players and families.

Thanks in advance for trusting us with your children and their development in soccer and as quality young men and women. We are thrilled to be starting a new league and excited about our goals and direction as a league. As league officers and as a board we are committed to three major objectives as part of our league manifesto. No Sunday play ever, high-quality development and training of soccer players, and low-cost membership. These are the values this league was founded on. The league also is inviting a significant spirit of volunteerism and we want it to be a family-friendly league.

Obviously with these three core values many other wonderful benefits and results come into play. More family time, close friendships, great coaching, a focus on true soccer development instead of focusing on the win; focus on sportsmanship, and an inviting atmosphere of transparency and honesty. Over time through these values, we believe teams will have a desire to stay together and grow together.

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars this off-season to enhance and repair the fields so the league can have wonderful fields and an inviting complex. We invite you to come and enjoy the fields. Please do all you can to take care of them. We have the benefit of having the nicest private complex in the entire east valley and hope that it is appreciated and used as a quality training center.

We have a soccer training model that is amazing. As a club we believe in it and we believe as all of our teams use it, you will be pleased with the results you see in your children. Our coaching director brings years of experience and training and a love of the game to your children, along with an exceptional coaching staff.

New soccer league with a new name

As a new club, we have encountered some bumps in the road regarding our original name “Strikers NSS.” To minimize any potential concerns or misunderstandings with the other non-Sunday club in town, we decided to move forward with a new name, NOS Santos SC. Santos is the name of a premier soccer club in Brazil and is considered to be the most popular or favorite Spanish soccer name by many sources. Santos was used in Arizona a few years ago by a soccer legend, Luis Dabo. The NOS stands for Never on Sunday. Moving forward this will be our name. We hope your children will enjoy the spirit of this great name.

We embrace our new players and families coming from at least six different clubs including some with no prior soccer club experience. We hope people quickly see in our league; the approach, the cost, the people, the facility, the training model, the leadership, the spirit of volunteerism, and the overall program as evidence there is no other soccer league like ours. 

Thank you again for joining our team, and our league. We know we will not be perfect, but we will give you tremendous value for your commitment to us.

Jeff Erickson
Board President