Nos Santos Divisions

Following the Arizona Soccer Association age division guidelines, our U8-U10 teams (2015/2016-2013 birth years) are in the academy program. This division focuses on the basics and provides a good foundation for soccer skills and understanding. They play league games and tournaments, however, scores are not posted and teams are not ranked. The academy league pricing is less than the competitive players.

Our U11-U19 teams (2012-2004 birth years) are in the competitive program. We have teams participating in both Advanced League and Open League with Arizona Soccer Association. Competitive teams continue player development and deepen their understanding of the game. They play in league games, as well as tournaments. Teams are ranked and can advance through divisions according to their performance.

(For youth born 2004-2015/2016; U19–U8)
Born 2006: U17 Competitive
Born 2007: U16 Competitive
Born 2008: U15 Competitive
Born 2009: U14 Competitive
Born 2010: U13 Competitive
Born 2011: U12 Competitive
Born 2012: U11 Competitive
Born 2013: U10 Academy
Born 2014: U9 Academy
Born 2015/2016: U8 Academy