League Identity

We currently have the following teams for each age group:


2014 boys-3
2013 girls-1
2013 boys-2
2012 girls-2 
2012 boys-1


2011 girls-1
2011 boys-2
2010 Girls-1
2010 boys-2
2009 girls-1
2009 boys-2
2008 girls-2
2008 boys-1
2007 girls-1
2007 boys-1
2006 girls-1
2006 boys-1

Age groups expected to be added this year:

2015/2016 boys and girls
2014 girls

We are open to the possibility of adding additional second teams to age groups that currently have only one team.

At Santos we believe that to achieve the most progress and development, a club-wide identity and style of play matters…a lot. 

All coaches are immersed in not only our values, but also our coaching style. On the field we value sportsmanship and behavior first. Yet, we also value the ball. We know players would rather play with the ball than chase it. We teach our teams the necessary skills to be protagonists. 

Come and see!