How much does it cost?

Academy players U8-U10 (2015/2016-2013 birth years):
$395 + $99 registration fee.  

Competitive level players U11-U19 (2012-2004 birth years):
$595 + $149 registration fee. 

Yes, these fees are for the entire club season, July-April.

We have 3 Payment Options Available:

  • Pay in full
  • 3 monthly payments (July-Sept)
  • 5 monthly payments (July-Nov)

In addition, there is a smaller team fee divided among the players for tournaments, team supplies, and referee wages. This is determined from the costs each team decides to incur. Team fees are usually spread out throughout the year and are a minimum of $200-$300 but could be more depending on the competitive level of the team.

Finally, all players must purchase the uniform kit which includes a practice, home, and away jersey, shorts, socks, backpack, and sweatshirt. We are mindful of family circumstances and have configured a cost-effective uniform kit. The price for the minimum amount of uniform items is around $200.

What is your training program?

We will have a simple, but effective methodology for individual and team development. We believe with so many soccer development ideas out there, simplicity and repetition are key. Introducing too many things without mastering any, can be counterproductive for progress. Sometimes, less IS better.

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We use Sports Connect for player registration. If you have used Blue Sombrero in the past with other clubs i.e. AYSO United, GYSA, NSFC you can use your existing username and password. If you have never used Blue Sombrero in the past then simply create a new Sports Connect account.