League Identity

At Santos we believe that to achieve the most progress and development, a club-wide identity and style of play matters…a lot. 

All of our coaches are immersed in not only our values, but also our coaching style. On the field we value sportsmanship and behavior first. Yet, we also value the ball. We know players would rather play with the ball than chase it. We teach our teams the necessary skills to be protagonists on the field.

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NOS Santos Youth Soccer Team

Nos Santos Methodology

We have a simple, but effective methodology for individual and team development. We believe with so many soccer development ideas out there, simplicity, consistency and continuity are key.

Introducing too many things without mastering any can be counterproductive for progress. Sometimes less IS better.

Players and teams will be able to measure their own progress based on much more than goals and/or wins and losses. We don’t necessarily believe that a win on the score is always a win in terms of development, or progress. Nor do we believe that a loss is always a loss. As long as there are metrics and coaching points that players are aware of and understand well, a loss then becomes an opportunity for growth. Both results will happen to any team, and it’s important that players learn and grow from both. Adversity builds character.

It becomes a more enjoyable game when team and player development are visible for all to see. Yes, all this can be done in two days a week.

Players themselves are the first ones responsible for their own success. It’s important they know this, and know that no magical development happens without their own personal efforts. We aim to provide them with the necessary tools, environment and culture for them to thrive in.

Three important factors for measuring progress and success will be as follows.

Winning in behavior

With the understanding that the majority of kids playing soccer will not become pros, but ALL will become adults, we believe in supporting them to become good people first.

Winning in ideas

With the simplicity of our training, the style of play on the field will be visible when implemented, or when it’s not. We aim for it to be implemented regardless of the opponent.

Winning the score

Last, but not least, we will aim to win each game by scoring more goals than the opponent. With the understanding that winning in number three without numbers one and two will not necessarily be considered a win.

We look forward to working together with our President, board members, coaches, team managers, teams, players and parents in accomplishing these goals for Santos players and families.

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NOS Santos is an affordable high quality youth soccer league located in the East Valley.

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