YOuth Soccer Cost

How Much does Santos Cost?


1. League Fees

Academy players U7-U10 (2018-2015 birth years):

$495 + $99 registration fee.  

Competitive level players U11-U19 (2014-2006 birth years):

$895 + $199 registration fee. 

*Yes, these fees are for the entire club season, July-April. There are additional training and registration fees for advanced league teams. 

**The registration fee covers registration with ASA (our governing organization), registration platforms and tools, and administrative costs. This fee is due when a player accepts their position on the team and reserves their spot on the roster. It is non-refundable. 

2. Team Fees

In addition, there is a team fee divided among the players of each team for tournaments, team equipment, scrimmages, and referee wages. This is determined from the costs each team decides to incur. Team fees are usually spread out throughout the year and are a minimum of $200-300 but could be more depending on the competitive level of the team. 

3. Uniforms

Finally, all players must purchase the uniform kit which includes a practice, home, and away jersey, shorts, socks, backpack, and sweatshirt. We are mindful of family circumstances and have configured a cost-effective uniform kit. Uniform kits last for 2 years. We will be getting a new uniform kit in the summer of 2024.

Payment Options


  • Pay in full (May)
  • 5 monthly payments (July-Nov, paid on the 20th of each month)


In addition, every family is required to give 2 volunteer hours per year. We prefer people help and contribute to our Santos community, however, there is an option to pay $100 to excuse the volunteer hours. 

About Us

NOS Santos is an affordable high quality youth soccer league located in the East Valley.

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