NOS SANTOS Soccer Complex

All teams train at the same facility. Santos Soccer Complex has 8 beautiful, sand-based fields, which prevent player injury, provide proper drainage, and maintain cooler surface temperatures. In addition, our players enjoy customized training walls for individual development on striking and receiving the ball. Restroom facilities and a concession stand are available on site. Spectators can enjoy a large ramada patio with picnic tables.

Santos Soccer Complex

12347 S Sossaman Rd,
Mesa, AZ 85212


  1. Dogs or other pets. Service animals only
  2. Parking or driving on sidewalk/asphalt path 
  3. Glass containers
  4. Alcohol/tobacco/vaping on property or in parking lots
  5. Chewing gum/seeds-nuts in shells (i.e. peanuts in the shell, sunflower seeds, etc.)
  6. Negative language/profanity/aggressive behavior (Including display of poor sportsmanship)
  7. Stakes longer than 6 inches penetrating the ground

NOS Santos Fields


About Us

NOS Santos is an affordable high quality youth soccer league located in the East Valley.

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12347 S. Sossaman Road,
Mesa, Arizona 85212

(480) 281-3268

NOS Santos Youth Soccer Club