12347 S. Sossaman Road, Mesa, Arizona 85212


Santos Soccer Complex

As a private facility, Santos Soccer Complex fields are available without any outside restrictions. We have 8 beautiful, sand-based fields, which prevent player injury. In addition, our players enjoy customized training walls for individual development on striking and receiving the ball. Restroom facilities and a concession stand are available on site. Spectators can enjoy a large ramada patio with picnic tables.


  1. Dogs or other pets. Service animals only
  2. Parking or driving on sidewalk/asphalt path without written approval from Santos Complex
  3. Glass containers
  4. Alcohol/tobacco/vaping on property or in parking lots
  5. Chewing gum/seeds-nuts in shells (i.e. peanuts in the shell, sunflower seeds, etc.)
  6. Negative language/profanity/aggressive behavior (Including display of poor sportsmanship)
  7. Stakes longer than 6 inches penetrating the ground

Lost Soccer Balls

If a ball is kicked over the north fence, please call (480) 560-3392. Do not retrieve the ball by entering the property over the fence.  

If you are looking for a ball or other lost item, please call (480) 560-3392 with a description.


Terry Erickson
Facilities Director
(480) 560-3392