General FAQs

Tryouts are held at the end of April and beginning of May. Teams will form during tryout week and practice throughout May. The league will break for the summer and come back mid-July. League games start after Labor Day and the season runs until the end of April.

All practices are held at Santos Soccer Complex on Sossaman and Warner roads. Practice nights for the majority of the teams are Tuesdays and Thursdays, however some teams have Monday and Wednesday practices depending on the coaches schedule. Older teams may have the need for additional practice nights.

For the majority of our teams in Open League, at least half of the season games are held at Santos Santos Complex on Sossaman and Warner. The other half of the games are held throughout the valley. 

Academy league and Advanced league teams play their games at Santos Soccer Complex as well as fields in Scottsdale, Mesa, and 1-2 times a year in West Phoenix. 

Almost all games are on Saturdays. Occasionally there is a make-up game during the week. Coaches can call mid-week evening scrimmages, especially during warm weather.

Our club wide training program consists of a simple, but effective, methodology for individual and team development. We believe with so many soccer development ideas out there, simplicity and consistency are very important. Introducing too many things without mastering any, can be counterproductive for progress. Less IS better.

Our coaches will master a shorter number of training ideas that can be adapted to a team’s ability level. 

Every training exercise we do relates to what we want to see displayed on the field. 

Yes, our teams attend tournaments. How many and which ones are determined by the coaches and individual teams.

We are forming teams for each gender from U7-U19 (birth years 2018-2006).

1. League Fees

Academy level players U7-U10 (2018-2015 birth years): $495 + $99 registration fee.  

Competitive level players U11-U19 (2014-2006 birth years): $895 + $199 registration fee. 

These fees are for the entire club season, July-April. There are additional training and registration fees for advanced league teams. League fees can be set up in payments. 

2. Team Fees

In addition, there is a smaller team fee divided among the players of each team for tournaments, team equipment, scrimmages, and referee wages. This is calculated from the costs each team decides to incur. Team fees are usually spaced throughout the year and are a minimum of $200-500. The older and more competitive teams are on the higher end of that range, while the younger kids are on the lower end. Teams that travel out of state will have additional costs. 

3. Uniforms

Finally, all players must purchase the uniform kit which includes a practice, home, and away jersey, shorts, socks, backpack, and sweatshirt. We are mindful of family circumstances and have configured a cost-effective uniform kit. We will be starting a new uniform kit in summer 2024. Uniform kits will last for two years.

  • We save field rental costs through the generous use of private fields
  • Santos avoids high salaries for league employees
  • Our league president is a volunteer position
  • We collect revenue by renting the fields for Saturday games that do not disrupt our own training or game schedules

Yes, we have a specialized keeper coach for weekly goalkeeper training sessions. Days and times for the 2024-2025 season are to be determined.

2016-2013 Keepers:
Mondays 6-7pm
Field #7S

2012-2006 Keepers:
Mondays 7-8pm
Field #7S

Uniform FAQs

There are optional navy pants for cooler weather. Parents also have the option of ordering a variety of spirit gear for themselves.

Use the online size guide from soccer.com when you are ordering.

Returning players need to order new game jerseys and shorts. The shorts are different this year!

We strongly recommend replacing training shirts and socks regularly.

Sweatshirts should be replaced at least every two years. 

Returning players need to get a new style of backpack unless they ordered one after May 2023. Backpacks purchased prior to May 2023 need to be replaced with this year’s version.

We have several strategies in place with soccer.com to increase the promptness of the Santos orders. The earlier in the summer you order, the quicker you will receive your order. Right now we are hoping for 2-3 weeks from ordering to delivery. Their busiest time will be mid to late summer and turn around times will increase.

These uniforms will last for 2 years. 

Yes, keepers need to order new uniforms this year too. All Santos keepers must have official Santos keeper gear.

Soccer.com will be adding the players last name to their backpack. This personalization is important to help players keep track of their gear.

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