Frequently Asked Questions

Responses from Rob Morris, Club President

Are your fields for sale?

No. We have a multi-year agreement to lease the fields for $1 per year.


Is NOS Santos here to stay?

NOS Santos has reached a long term field agreement (5 year contract) with Santos Soccer Complex. Come and play at the most beautiful place in the East Valley.

Can NOS Santos be competitive and take Sundays off?

Our aspiration is to develop players. Sunday matches exist in the US primarily due to tournaments that take place over a weekend that require teams to play 3 or 4 matches in a 72-hour period. None of the top clubs in the world would require their players to keep such a schedule.

The clubs that have the most riding on youth player development around the globe typically ask their teams to play far fewer matches per year than the young American athlete that plays club soccer, high school soccer and ODP. That US player might play more than 70 matches per year. The top male youth team for FC Barcelona in Spain typically plays 30 total matches a year and usually plays no more than one match a week. They have learned that development takes place on the practice pitch and not in a match (especially the fourth match in 72 hours).

We think that by resting on Sunday, keeping a better match-to-training-session ratio, and encouraging players to get touches on their own, we offer a superior model. This schedule offers a better path to developing a technical player that is comfortable with the ball at their feet. 

Taking Sunday off is not a barrier to player development. Our focus will remain on Player Development and Sundays for the family. The idea that you must play on Sunday to develop as a player is a fabrication. 

How can you make it so affordable?

We believe high-level soccer development can take place with fees much lower than the typical pay-for-play model. 

NOS Santos Fees:

  • Academy players (U-8 through U-10) – $395 + $49 registration fee
  • Upper-level players (U-11 through U-15) – $595 + $49 registration fee

We are sensitive to the current economic situation of families and our fees reflect this sensitivity. Yes, these fee’s are for the entire club season.

We can offer great player development at a modest investment for the following reasons:

  • Field rental for $1 per year
  • Volunteer League Leadership
  • No paid Board Members
  • Flat coaching organization – one Director of Coaching who is also a Coach
  • Our experienced coaches feel an obligation to make the game available to the broader community and coach primarily for the intrinsic rewards
  • Revenue from other entities who have requested access to a portion of the complex in a way that does not interfere with our training and matches

This lean model is sustainable. It will not require us to become a large club/League and will not require us to merge with other clubs. This model will allow us to keep fees low going forward. 


What is your cost?

Academy players (u-8-U-10): $395 + $49 registration fee.  Upper level players (U-11 through U-15): $595 + $49 registration fee. We are sensitive to the current economic situation of families and our fees reflect this sensitivity. Yes these fee’s are for the entire club season.

How big of a league do you plan on becoming?

NOS Santos has only two remaining coaching spots open. We will limit our coaching staff to 10 coaches for 16 competitive teams. This will allow us to focus on quality over quantity. We do not aspire to become a large league.

Will the new club teams start at the bottom of open, state, or premier leagues?

No. The Arizona Soccer Association will confer with us and place each team in the appropriate league and division.

What are the benefits of private fields vs. city fields?

Some advantages are apparent. Our fields are of superior design and construction specific for soccer. The turf is of higher quality and is better maintained. Our soccer goal frames are professional quality, as is our field lighting. The quality fields offer a safer playing surface. A fine pitch suits the technical player and the possession game.

Some benefits are less obvious. The fields are available to use when we want them, without scheduling conflicts. Our turf is rested in a calculated way to keep our fields in top-playing shape all year long. Our complex is not subject to closure by any city or municipality. It is possible that some city parks may be shut down for budgetary reasons as a result of the pandemic. The shut-down meant that many cities lost revenue from events like MLB Spring Training. This may impact city budgets.

Finally, because we are a small competitive league, we can make our fields available to other entities. This is an additional revenue stream, 100% of which goes right back into the league and keeps our player fees down.